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George Phillips

"I have been coached by Josh for nearly five years now and can honestly say that it has been the best decision for my career so far. He has played a key role in changing my outlook of training for the better and has been instrumental in helping me to set personal bests in events from 800m up to the Marathon. Always willing to listen, he is there to make sure that I am happy with the way things are going, as well as give feedback on recent workouts or races. Josh is unafraid to push me when I need to be pushed and hold me back when I need to be held back - and can, if needed, make appropriate changes to my training dependent upon how I am feeling. Working with him has been a pleasure and I look forward to seeing what he can help me to achieve further down the line."

Daisy Brown

"As part of Oxford University’s elite female rowing team, I was training 11-12 times a week and nutritional manipulation is therefore critical to successful performance. After analysing my nutritional diary, training schedule and skinfold data Josh provided very accurate and helpful data and advice on how to proceed with my intensive training schedule. Josh provided me with some very useful graphs and data so I could visualise my current nutritional intake; and exactly what I needed to do to maximise my training output. Josh remained very positive and encouraging throughout the process and was incredibly responsive and on hand at all times when I needed advice and support. I would thoroughly recommend Josh’s services for anyone seeking to improve and make huge progress with their training and nutrition."

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Nick Little

"PGC1-Coaching provide a brilliantly personalised service that really helps me train how I personally need to. I've been able to take my mind off of sorting out my programme and trust that it is being taken care of in the ways that suit me, down to my own schedule, past injuries, preferences and strengths/weaknesses.I can't recommend PGC1-Coaching highly enough for this really professional and personal service. The regular contact we have is really helpful in how we feedback on training/plans/races/nutrition/etc. and I'm looking forward to continuing working together in the future."
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