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Joshua Schofield

Head Coach and Lead Nutritionist


  • MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Loughborough University.

  • BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from Leeds Beckett University. 

  • UKA Accredited Coach in Running Fitness with Event Group Endurance Qualification  (Former Level 3 Endurance coach).

  • Safeguarding in Athletics Qualification and Enhanced DBS Check

Key roles and athletic achievements

  • Head Running Coach at SKINS Compression 

  • Coach at the Loughborough Centre on the England Athletics Youth Talent Programme 

  • Camp Director of the Young Athlete Camp 

  • Former Junior International Cross Country Runner

About me

In 2019 I set up PGC1-Coaching as a part-time job to help get me through my Master's Degree. I've always had a passion for helping other athletes and wanted to help other runners achieve their goals. Since its inception, PGC1-Coaching has helped over 100 athletes from three different continents! As the Head Coach at PGC1-Coaching, I believe in marrying the science behind endurance training with the art of coaching to give my athletes the best overall training experience. 

Before I took up coaching, I was an athlete myself. I competed on the Road, Track and Cross Country. I competed for England as a Junior Male and for the North of England as a Senior Male. 

I now have 5+ years of coaching experience, and in this time, I have coached athletes to personal bests performances from the 800m to the marathon. As well as runners, I have worked with team sports players such as Professional Football Players, Referees and Academy Level Football Players.

An interesting fact about me is that I once managed to break both elbows during a steeplechase race (yes, it's on youtube)! As a now 'retired' athlete, I love playing cricket and am very passionate about coffee.

Coaching philosophy

The most essential element of the training plans I offer is centring it around the athlete's needs. This is to ensure they can enjoy their running and improve simultaneously. Within the training plans, I like to draw on concepts I have used myself as an athlete and learned through my coach education. I am a big believer in using interval training to help my athletes to keep the training varied, and I think training within a group of like-minded people helps improve my runners.
I am a big believer in the fact consistent good training alongside a healthy balanced lifestyle gives athletes the best results in their running. I like to keep strong communication channels open with my athletes and build a personal rapport with them. My plans are individualised to each athlete, their training needs, and everyday life demands.


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