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PGC1 - Coaching Training Kit


PGC1 Guide to Intervals - £10

Looking at improving your running but not sure how to? This E-Book will provide you with 10 sessions that are easy to administer and implement into your training. Each one of the sessions has clear progressions and can help spice up your training and help you beat your times! 

This book can be used if you are a beginner to running completely or if you are an experienced runner wanting to push onto the next level.

PGC1 Guide to Warm Ups - £5

Have you struggled to warm up before training or never felt like the warm up you do is very effective? Our easy guide on how to warm yourself up effectively is easy to follow and has visual demonstration queues throughout the document. We guide you through how to raise your pulse, activate and mobilise your muscles and potentiate your muscles in order to improve your running performance. 

These books were written by Head Coach of PGC1-Coaching Joshua Schofield. 

The E-Books will be sent o you via email upon purchase.