What I eat in a day: International Athlete, Bronwen Owen

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Bronwen Owen is an elite athlete based in Leeds, having represented Britain at the World on the Track, Cross-Country and Triathlon circuit too! Bron and I met for the first time back in 2011 when we both won the London Mini-Marathon and ever since she has never quite managed to get rid of me! Having graduated from Leeds Beckett University last year with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science, Bron has represented GB at the European Cross in Lisbon, taken a 5th place at the Armagh International Road Race and run a storming 33:30 10km! This blog is aiming to show how Bronwen fuels training for three different sports.

Nutrition is a hugely important aspect of life, whether it be for the improvement of high-level sporting performance, or for general mental and physical well-being. Therefore, having a healthy relationship with food is vital for longevity in sport, as well as more generic things, such as your day-to-day mood. For me, I see food as something to be enjoyed - it forms a big part of my social life; makes me happy (occasionally suffer from being hangry but try my best to keep it together); allows me to train, recover and compete consistently; and I like going out for