Mark Cage

Josh has been coaching me for the last 12 months now and he has been absolutely brilliant in helping me improve, making me believe in myself and showing me I am capable of so much more. 

He really has shown me 100% attention in my training with daily messages after every training session or training run checking how I’ve found it, spending so much time talking to me making sure we are both on the same wave length for what we want. Making all my training right personally for my strengths and helping with my weaknesses.

He’s very knowledgeable about the sport and has the experience himself from racing at such a high level so I can take in all the advice and listen to what he thinks I can do to make me stronger which from the short time I’ve been with him has been great. 

My 10k PB has dropped by over a minute and my 5k PB also dropped by 45 secs so I’m looking forward to a full track season with Josh behind me. I completely put all my trust in Josh as a close friend I know he’ll do everything to help me. 

George Phillips

I have been coached by Josh for nearly two years now and can honestly say that it has been the best decision for my career so far. He has played a key role in changing my outlook of training for the better and has been instrumental in helping me to set personal bests in events from 800m up to 10 miles. Always willing to listen, he is there to make sure that I am happy with the way things are going, as well as give feedback on recent workouts or races. Josh is unafraid to push me when I need to be pushed and hold me back when I need to be held back - and can, if needed, make appropriate changes to my training dependent upon how I am feeling. Working with him has been a pleasure and I look forward to seeing what he can help me to achieve further down the line.

Daisy Brown

As part of Oxford University’s elite female rowing team, I was training 11-12 times a week and nutritional manipulation is therefore critical to successful performance. After analysing my nutritional diary, training schedule and skinfold data Josh provided very accurate and helpful data and advice on how to proceed with my intensive training schedule. Josh provided me with some very useful graphs and data so I could visualise my current nutritional intake; and exactly what I needed to do to maximise my training output. Josh remained very positive and encouraging throughout the process and was incredibly responsive and on hand at all times when I needed advice and support. I would thoroughly recommend Josh’s services for anyone seeking to improve and make huge progress with their training and nutrition.

daisy brown.jpg

Nick Little - PGC1-Coaching provide a brilliantly personalised service that really helps me train how I personally need to. I've been able to take my mind off of sorting out my programme and trust that it is being taken care of in the ways that suit me, down to my own schedule, past injuries, preferences and strengths/weaknesses.
I can't recommend PGC1-Coaching highly enough for this really professional and personal service. The regular contact we have is really helpful in how we feedback on training/plans/races/nutrition/etc. and I'm looking forward to continuing working together in the future. 

Kieran Reay - I have Laura to thank for a lot. Her dedicated and honest approach to coaching motivated me to improve day by day and reach my potential. After a frustrating track season in 2017 I took up Laura’s kind offer for some guidance while I searched for a new coach. Immediately demonstrating her knowledge and enthusiasm I asked that she coached me full time. Over the next two years I recorded PB's in a range of events, ultimately running 3:58 for 1500, something that would not have been possible without Laura! Learning from her own career Laura is one of the best around at structuring your training to peak for key races, and communicating advice for race and pacing strategy come the big day.

Harry Foster - After years of being stuck in a constant injury cycle, I decided to move to Laura (Weightman) for one to one coaching and to get a more personalised approach I had been missing from past coaches. I have now been with Laura for 2 years and had the most consistent two years of running in my life and more importantly, I am enjoying lacing up my shoes and getting out the door again. Laura is always wanting feedback for ways to improve my current training plan and what works and what we can look to change going forwards. In a post Covid world I am hopeful I can reward her coaching with some big PB’s and some PGC1 records.

Rachel Grimston - I was recommended PGC1 coaching by a friend who was also training for a marathon having expressed how unmotivated I felt by a generic plan I was following online. Josh has been my coach for just short of a month now and I’ve already noticed a significant difference in my running. Not only have I got a lot fitter in the short space we have been training, Josh has given me lots of in depth knowledge and information about running and also has given me lots of nutritional guidance and is always on hand if I have any questions. I would highly recommend PGC1 Coaching to new/experienced runners who are looking for some guidance on how to improve their running. For the first time in a long time, running no longer feels like a chore and I am really enjoying it again. Having a coach makes you feel accountable for the effort you’re putting in and keeps you motivated. Thanks so much Josh - looking forward to seeing how I progress in the next few months!

Phillip WinklerIt brings no surprise that Laura Weightman’s athletic achievements, presence and pedigree of performance are both accompanied with an innate drive to propel other athletes forward, truly bringing about a level of commitment most don’t know they’re capable of. 

PGC1-coaching’s enrolment of Weightman is nothing short of a turning point for both the brand, coaches and athletes that make up this already outstanding group. If Weightman is able to apply just half of her drive, commitment and vision into PCG1, then anyone involved is set up for a clear line of success in the sport.

Lucy Erin-Hunter - Dietary analysis was great, would highly recommend. Everything was broken down into simple terms so that it would be easily understood. I was given areas for improvement and also the effects this would have on my performance which was really helpful. It definitely gave me things to think about in the future when making meals. A very professional service which is definitely worth looking into.

Matthew LettsJosh is an extremely knowledgeable and approachable coach who tailors the coaching he offered to the individual he is training. The dietary tips and tricks are also great and you can target the exact goal that you're hoping to achieve. I would absolutely recommend Josh to any runners who want to take their running to the next level. 

Mike Schofield - At the age of 42 I ran the London Marathon in 3hrs and 8 mins. In 2017 I undertook a comprehensive training programme designed by PGC1. This developed my stamina, speed work and running at pace. I ran the York Marathon and at 48 managed to knock 8 minutes off my time and completed the race in 3 hours exacting.


Chris Thornton - Laura is unrivalled in the attention she gives you. Gives amazing all round advice and understands the importance of mental well-being in a runner, in line with their physical capabilities. Everyone’s running journey is of equal importance to her. The most humble ‘star’ I’ve ever met. 

Lewis Knight - Firstly, I couldn't recommend Josh & PGC1 Coaching any higher. Josh is invested in your personal running goals and caters structured weekly training to help achieve them whether thats training for your first 10km race or running a fast marathon. Josh took me from a lad who just enjoyed running as a way of keeping fit to getting in some great shape and running some times I never thought I could touch.

Josh also offers consistent 1-1 communication whether that is over WhatsApp, phone call or meetings in his office where the finest coffee is always on the brew.

Whilst training under PGC1 you also gain access to running your sessions in a group that josh has created, these sessions can consist of tempo work around some rolling mile loops, faster reps on the grass and now starting to get the group on the track. Josh also organises long runs within the PGC1 group chats which can sometimes bring some big packs together to get the miles in.

If you are looking to improve your running, whether you run 15 mins or 30 mins for 5k, then Josh can help you achieve goals that you didn't think were achievable before. Top bloke.