PGC1-Coaching intervals session









​What do those who have tried it think?

  • Joseph Shirley: I have been taking part in the PGC1 intervals put on by Josh since it started back in July 2019. A session for all abilities, we are lucky to be able to use 3 loops - a 1 mile, 1km & 800m. This really is a brilliant session which changes each week to keep it challenging but fun, & I feel doing theses intervals triggered my massive improvement last year. By using the 3 loops & the way josh sets up the session nobody is made to feel faster/slower than anyone else, each session is tailored to your specific pace/goals & Josh always puts on 2/3 different sessions. All the athletes are so encouraging towards each other & this really is a great environment to train in. I still can’t quite work out how Josh controls the whole session on a stop watch!

  • Chris Kemp: Great taster session today with Josh & the PGC1 crew. Very welcoming and friendly. The session catered for all abilities and was throughly enjoyed with great support along the way. I look forward to the next one and thank you for your time today!

  • Cathy Rumsey: Had a brilliant training session with PGC1 today! Would definitely recommend it.

  • Neil Wills: Working with josh has been a real eye- opener! I’ve gone from my natural training and plodding along, to a sculptured program to benefit myself, to what I want to achieve! 
    Can’t even explain how much I’ve improved in the last 3 months! I’ve hit pb's at every distances I’ve raced ! Josh’s knowledge and encouragement is second to none. Highly recommend him!

COVID-19 Restriction to Training Policy 

COVID-19 Update to Sessions: 

With Covid instructions gradually being eased by England Athletics, from the start of the session in August we will be running 45min sessions with 12 runners per session. 

The sessions will be structured as follows. 

1.    You will need to book into a 45min slot for your session ie: 5:00-5:45pm (Wednesday Session Only).

2.    A maximum of 12 people will be allowed to run at any one time (Wednesday Session Only). 

3.    The venue for these sessions will be the Staverton SportsPark (Browns Road, Daventry). 

4.    Please arrive at the venue on your own and operate your own warm ups individually. Please complete this warm up before you come to the session so you are ready to run when the session commences.  

5.    You can come into the ‘session area’ at the start of your designated time slot. 

6.    Throughout the session you must stay more than 2m apart from your fellow athletes. 

7.    There will be one session run in each slot.

8.     Once you have finished your session please operate an individual warm down and do not congregate in the session area in order for the maintenance of a safe training environment.

9.  If you present with any symptoms of Covid before the session or after then you must inform the coach. 

10. If you book a session and cancel within 24hrs of your start time you will be charged a £3 cancellation fee for that session. 

Please do not attend the sessions if: 

1.    Recently you have been ill with any covid symptoms. 

2.    If you have been in contact with anyone with the disease within the last 14 days. 

3.    You are feeling Ill or under the weather beyond what would be normally expected at this time of year.

The time slots will be: 5:00-5:45pm, 5:45-6:30pm, 6:30-7:15pm and 7:15-8:00pm 

​Wednesday Night PGC1 Intervals Session

  • On Wednesday evenings PGC1-Coaching offer an intervals session in Daventry.​

  • The session focuses on helping you run at target race pace and faster.​

  • These sessions are aimed at runner of all abilities

  • These sessions are £3, unless you are a PGC1 Coaching athlete where they are free. If you book a slot for a session and cancel within 24hrs of the session you will be charged a £3 cancellation fee for not attending the session. 

  • These sessions take place every week unless stated otherwise.

  • Please see the bottom of the page for the Covid-19 restrictions on sessions.