Joshua Schofield - Head Running Coach

As the Head Coach at PGC1-Coaching I believe in using up to date sports science concepts and applying them to endurance running. I currently have 4+ years coaching experience and in this time I have coached athletes to personal bests performances from 800m to the Marathon. Currently I work with over 50 athletes ranging from International Level to people trying to run their first marathon. What makes PGC1 so special is that when you join our coaching setup you will join an extremely supportive training atmosphere than enhances your running experience. As well as runners I have also worked with team sports players such as Professional Football Players, Referees and Academy Level Football Players.

Coaching Philosophy

My time at University studying Sport and Exercise Science (BSc) has taught me a vast amount about structuring training and how to apply theoretical concepts to athletes in order for them to improveHaving graduated from Leeds Beckett University I completed an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Loughborough University. My studies so far have helped me advance my understanding of endurance Nutrition and Physiology. Specifically through effective use of supplements, supporting performance in extreme environments and effective use of nutrition to support training adaptation. 

The biggest part of the training plans I offer is that I centre it around the athletes needs in a way that they can enjoy their plan, enjoy their running and improve at the same time. Within the coaching plans I apply what I have learnt across my degree and time within the sport. I use a lot of what I learnt from my time as an athlete and observing other high level coaches to inform the advice and training plans I write.

I am a big believer in the fact consistent good training alongside a healthy balanced lifestyle gives athletes the best results in their running. I like to keep strong communication channels open with my athletes and build a very personal rapport with my clients. My plans are individualised to each athlete and their training needs alongside their normal life demands. 

Trackstaa Running Podcast

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Qualifications and Roles

MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition - Specialising in Carbohydrate fueling strategies for Endurance running. 

BSc in Sport and Exercise Science - specialising in Endurance Metabolism, Physiology and Nutrition.

UKA Accredited Coach in Running Fitness with Event Group Endurance Qualification  (Former Level 3 Endurance coach)

UK Anti-Doping Accredited Advisor. 

Member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Scientists (BASES).

Head Running Coach at Skins Compression Club Athletico

Level 2 Safe Guarding in Athletics Qualification

Consultant Coach at We Run Coaching and the Parker E-Act Academy, Daventry.

Laura Weightman- Running Coach

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As an athlete I began running at the age of 12 with Morpeth Harriers and I have loved the sport ever since. The highs and lows of my athletics journey are the experiences that I am now putting into coaching athletes, which I have been doing for over 5 years. My career has seen me compete on the world stage over 1500m/5000m for over 10 years internationally. My career highlights include 2 medals at both the Commonwealth and European Championships, double olympic and world championship finalist and the holder of the British Road Mile Record. 

I have been coaching athletes at a national level for the last 5 years helping them achieve their goals from the 800m up to the Marathon on the track, road and cross country circuit. 

Photo by: Lauren Hawkheas/Sportsshoes.

Qualifications and Roles

Coaching Philosophy

I am incredibly lucky to have had some great coaching influences in my career to date. Mike Bateman, my first coach from 12-18 at Morpeth Harriers, was pivotal in my early development as an athlete. He built the foundations to enable me to have a career as an athlete.

My current coach, Steve Cram, has coached me since I was 18 and without him I wouldn’t be where I am today. Finally, Andrew Henderson has worked closely with me for nearly 10 years supporting my long distance coaching relationship with Steve.

Mike, Steve and Andy have all taught me so much that I take into my own coaching now. I also apply the science that my degree in Sport and Exercise Science taught me about managing training loads, creating training progressions and planning race blocks. 

BSc Sport and Exercise Science including an extended study on Beetroot supplementation on 1500m running performance.

Coaching Children in Athletics Qualification.

UKA Coach in Running Fitness with Event Group Endurance Qualification. 

Disability inclusion training.

UK Anti Doping Accredited Advisor including: Clean Athletics Awareness qualification.

Movement Skills Part 1 

Safeguarding and protecting children 

Mental health awareness for sport and activity 

10+ years experience in Elite Athletics including 2 Olympic games and 2 Commonwealth Games. 

Behind the name of PGC1-Coaching

PGC1-Alpha is the primary chemical involved in mitochondrial biogenesis, which is a vital component in making aerobic training adaptions. This embodies the core purpose of my training plans; applying physiological concepts into training plans in order to help you improve.