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Joshua Schofield

Head coach and lead nutritionist



MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition from Loughborough University.

BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from Leeds Beckett University. 

UKA Accredited Coach in Running Fitness with Event Group Endurance Qualification  (Former Level 3 Endurance coach).

Safeguarding in Athletics Qualification and Enhanced DBS Check

Key Roles and athletic achievements


Head Running Coach at Skins Compression 

Consultant Athletics Coach at The Parker E-Act Academy

Former Junior International Cross Country Runner

Photo by Charlie Wheeler

A Bit About Me

In 2019 I set up PGC1-Coaching as a part time job in order to help me get through my Masters Degree. I have always had a passion for helping out other athletes and really wanted to help other runners achieve their goals. Since its inception PGC1-Coaching has helped over 100 athletes from three different continents! As the Head Coach at PGC1-Coaching I believe in marrying the science behind endurance training with the art of coaching to give my athletes the best overall training experience.

I have 5+ years coaching experience; in this time I have coached athletes to personal bests performances from 800m to the Marathon. As well as runners I have also worked with team sports players such as Professional Football Players, Referees and Academy Level Football Players. Before I took up coaching I was an athlete myself, I competed on the Road, Track and Cross Country. In this time I competed for England as a Junior Male and for the North of England as a Senior Male.

An interesting fact about me is that I once managed to break both elbows during a steeplechase race (yes it's on youtube)! As a now 'retired' athlete now I love playing cricket and I'm very passionate about coffee.

Coaching Philosphy

The biggest part of my coaching philosophy is to make the training manageable, exciting and enjoyable for my athletes. I really believe that if the athlete isn't excited about the training that they are completing then it makes it so much harder to complete. My time studying both my undergraduate and postgraduate courses taught me a vast amount about structuring training and how to apply theoretical concepts to athletes in order for them to improve. My studies have helped me advance my understanding of Endurance Nutrition and Physiology. Specifically through effective use of supplements, supporting performance in extreme environments and optimal use of nutrition to support training adaptation. 

The most important element of the training plans I offer is centering it around the athletes needs. This is in order to ensure they can enjoy their running and improve at the same time. Within the plans I like to draw on concepts that I have used myself as an athlete and those that I have learnt through my coach education too. I am a big believer in using interval training to help my athletes in order to keep the training varied. I also believe training within a group of likeminded people helps improve my runners. 

I am a big believer in the fact consistent good training alongside a healthy balanced lifestyle gives athletes the best results in their running. I like to keep strong communication channels open with my athletes and build a very personal rapport with my clients. My plans are individualised to each athlete and their training needs alongside their normal life demands.

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